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Protect your pets with an Underground Fence!

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Barbara & Stephen Abernathy

"After a couple of training sessions puppy was most happy to play in yard with minor supervision. After two-three weeks he just went out unsupervised and its great not to have to worry about him."

How a Dog Fence works

Let's start with the terms used to describe electronic fencing. Many folks use different terms to describe the same type of dog fencing. Invisible fencing, wireless fencing, electric fencing, electronic fencing, hidden fencing and underground fencing just to name a few. Ultimately most folks are describing the same type of dog fencing.

The Dog Fence Basics

Underground fencing is pretty simplistic. It consists of a radio transmitter that is mounted near an outlet inside your garage or home. This transmitter produces a radio signal through a wire, much like the antenna on your car. From the transmitter, a wire is buried in the ground along the edge of your property, with the other end of the wire coming back to the transmitter, completing a complete loop.

Your pet wears what is called a receiver collar. This collar responds to the radio signal that is produced by the transmitter through the buried wire. The collar, when approaching the buried wire, will begin to "sound" or "beep" which acts as a warning for your pet. If the collar comes too close to the boundary wire it will deliver a harmless static correction. Most folks refer to this correction as a "shock." However, the correction is not really a "shock." Instead, it acts as an irritant. Much like what you feel, when you rub your sock-covered feet across the carpet in your home and then reach for a light switch. Most of us have experienced the "pop" that is created from the static when touching the light switch. This is what is felt by your dog. The pop repeats continuously until your dog retreats from the buried wire back into the safety of your yard.

Long before your dog feels this correction, they are put through a

training process that teaches the dog to avoid the boundary. This

lets them know that approaching the boundary is an undesirable

behavior. When the dog experiences the correction, they will soon

put together that the boundary is something to stay clear of,

resulting in successful containment.

Pretty simple right? Is an Underground Dog Fence right for you and

your dog? We will discuss the benefits of electronic dog fencing in

the following article.