Adam is a Senior Dog Fence Technician and Dog Fence Trainer. He has a passion for working with animals and has operated a successful electronic dog fence company for over 19 years in Nashville TN. He has successfully contained dogs of all types, from small to large, shy to stubborn. Adam has the experience and technical background to help you successfully contain your four legged loved one.

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Mike Gann

“It is with absolute confidence that I would refer Adam to anyone who needs an underground fence solution for their pet. He is exceptionally.......

Walt Malone

"I can’t say enough good things about Outdoor Pet Solutions. Working with Adam was nothing short of an amazing experience. If you’re needing an Invisible.....

Alan Terwey

"Adam's commitment to service, kindness, and trustworthiness made our experience amazing. He was flexible when asked, and he fully explained.......

Kevin Crumley

“If someone is looking for an underground electric dog fence system to be installed, I highly recommend Outdoor Pet Solutions for their phenomenal......

"Adam and Sadie Girl"

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Why Choose an Underground Fence?

Amazingly Affordable
Aesthetically Pleasing
More Flexibility
360° Protection

Underground dog fences are far less expensive than traditional fences. Saving you thousands!

One of the great benefits of an electric dog fence is that it is invisible. You can still have an open yard while keeping your dog securely contained. This is particularly useful in certain neighborhoods where physical fences are prohibited.

Do you have areas you wish your dog would stay out of? Such as Gardens, pools, and landscaping? An underground fence can be configured to create off limit areas for your dog.

An underground dog fence is better at containing a dog than a traditional fence. Your dog cannot jump over, dig under or chew through a hidden fence, and nobody can accidentally leave the gate open. Also, an electronic fence covers all four sides of your property. This way your pets are contained even if they run out the front door or garage.

Zero Maintenance

Underground dog fencing is virtually maintenance free. No more painting, staining or replacing broken fence panels and sagging gates. Plus we use rechargeable collars, eliminating reacquiring battery costs!

Lifetime Guarantee

Gentle Approach™ Training

Rechargeable Fence Collars

Industries Toughest Buried Cable

5 Star Rated For Service Excellence

Experience the Outdoor Pet Solutions Difference

Fast Over The Phone Quote

We Can Save You 30%

Personalized Service

We're NOT a Franchise! 

No need to take time out of your day for an onsite appointment. We make it easy! We have the technology to measure your yard remotely. Simply fill out the FREE Quote Form and Adam will contact you with an Exact Quote™ to install your new invisible dog fence system!

We are proud to offer user friendly dog fence systems with rechargeable collars! No more expensive batteries or having to pay for service calls just to make an adjustment. Plus our dog fence systems cost an average of 30% less then our competitors. Simply put, we have the technology to SAVE YOU MONEY!

Not all dogs or families are the same! Unlike those big name franchises that only offer one product line, we're able to offer a variety of fence products from several different manufactures! So we can provide the best fence solution for your unique needs! 

Outdoor Pet Solutions is a family owned and authorized, independent pet fence contractor. We have maintained agreements with the largest underground dog fence manufactures in the world for nearly 20 years. We are independent and not bound by franchise dealership restrictions.

What does this mean for you?

We can provide and service all brands of pet containment products while offering some of the lowest pricing in the industry. We typically can save our customers an average of 30% over the franchise companies such as Invisible Fence Brand™. All the while ensuring the highest level of customer service. We're rated #1 in Middle Tennessee for a reason!

Most Awarded Dog Fence Installer in Nashville.

We're not a "big company." We don't have separate sales folks, installers and trainers. Instead you will be dealing direct with the company owner throughout the entire process. Adam is an animal lover at heart and wants to work personally with your pets to make sure they have a fun, stress free experience while learning their new boundaries. 

A Hometown Service, Exclusive to Middle Tennessee

Invisible Dog Fencing is SAFE, RELIABLE and AFFORDABLE

Leader In Pet Fencing Technology

Your Professional Dog Fence System comes packed with all the features you need to keep your dog safe at home.

Advanced Programing: Our fence system offers the most customizable programing of any other dog fence system. With 30 independent adjustable levels, you can fine-tune for each individual dogs training needs.

Integrated Battery Back-Up System: Worried about a power outage? Don't sweat it! Our dog fencing system includes a built-in battery back up system. So your fence system will never go down. 

HD Lightning Protection: Your new dog fence comes professionally installed and protected from lightning strikes and possible surges from your power service.

Military Grade Rechargeable Collar: Our invisible dog fence system offers the industries toughest collar. Built using military grade components including a polycarbonate protective shell and a nylon-free collar strap with all metal locking clasp. The collar uses the latest Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery technology. This allows you to recharge your collar in under 2 hours and the charge will last up to 3 months before needing to be recharged! Furthermore, this industry leading collar offers complete water proof seals and can be submerged in water to a depth of 500 feet.

Advanced Run Through Prevention: Our system can detect how fast the collar, and subsequently the dog, is traveling towards the fence. In a fraction of a second the collar can make the necessary adjustments in correction intensity to ensure your dog stays safe at home.

Watch Our Underground Dog Fence System in Action

Compare Us to Invisible Fence®

Locally Owned and Operated

Outdoor Pet Solutions

Invisible Fence Brand®

Large Corporate Entity 

Direct Phone Number to Owner

1-800 Automated Call Center

Rechargeable Fence Collars

(No reacquiring costs)

Ongoing Costly Replacement Batteries (Yearly Subscription)

User Friendly Fence Equipment 

(Customer can easily make adjustments)

Fully Locked Equipment

(Requires costly service calls for setting adjustments)

Gentle Proprietary Blunt Stimulus 

(Allows your dog to learn faster, easier.)

True Dog Training Collar: We are the only local Dog Fence company that features gentle advanced Blunt Style Stimulation which is far superior to the Sharp style Stimulation response found in most traditional containment technologies. Blunt Style stimulation allows your dog to learn faster, easier, with less stress and less anxiety. For the most humane solution to electronic containment without undue discomfort to your dog, trust Outdoor Pet Solutions' advanced blunt stimulation technology.

Sharp Style Stimulation Response

(Found in outdated fence technologies)

Varied Customer Ratings

(Due to high employee turnover)

Strong Customer Satisfaction Rating

(Adam is always onsite and just a direct phone call away)

Or call Adam at (615) 473-2416

Get Out & Play!

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