Adam is a Senior Dog Fence Technician and Dog Fence Trainer. He has a passion for working with animals and has operated a successful electronic dog fence company for over 17 years in Nashville TN. He has successfully contained dogs of all types, from small to large, shy to stubborn. Adam has the experience and technical background to help you successfully contain your four legged loved one.

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Mike Gann

“It is with absolute confidence that I would refer Adam to anyone who needs an underground fence solution for their pet. He is exceptionally.......

Walt Malone

"I can’t say enough good things about Outdoor Pet Solutions. Working with Adam was nothing short of an amazing experience. If you’re needing an Invisible.....

Alan Terwey

"Adam's commitment to service, kindness, and trustworthiness made our experience amazing. He was flexible when asked, and he fully explained.......

Kevin Crumley

“If someone is looking for an underground electric dog fence system to be installed, I highly recommend Outdoor Pet Solutions for their phenomenal......

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Watch Our Hidden Dog Fence System In Action!

Outdoor Pet Solutions provides hidden electronic pet containment systems, often referred to as an invisible fence. They are designed to keep your pets safely secured in your yard.

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Why Choose An Electronic Dog Fence?

If you're looking for an affordable way to keep your pet safe at home, please give us a call. We're happy to help!

We offer the latest wireless dog fence technology, at the guaranteed lowest price. We often save our customers up to $1000 or more, compared to Invisible Fence Brand. 

We are a family owned, authorized installer for the largest underground dog fence manufactures in the world. We have been protecting pets in Middle Tennessee for over 17 years.



OPS1000 Fence System

Lower Cost
360° Protection
Veterinarian Approved
No Escape

Invisible dog fences are far less expensive than traditional fences. Saving you thousands!

Electronic fences can be installed all the way around your home and property. This provides a barrier on all sides, preventing your pets from escaping out the front door or garage.

Veterinarians, trainers, and behaviorists agree that invisible pet fences are completely safe for your dog. 95% of veterinarians recommend electric dog fence systems to their clients as a safe and effective way to fence their pets.

Unlike traditional fences, your pet won't be able to dig under, climb over or push through gates. With an Invisible Fence they are trained to stay and we guarantee it!

Zero Maintenance

Underground dog fencing is virtually maintenance free. No more painting, staining or replacing broken fence panels and sagging gates. Plus we use rechargeable collars, eliminating reacquiring battery costs!