Meet Our Team

Adam Hatela


Adam is the owner and operator of Outdoor Pet Solutions. He moved to Sumner County in 1996 from Seattle Wa. and became a full-time career firefighter in 2002. In 2006 Adam started a small business in the pet services industry which allowed him to continue to serve his community outside the fire service. Adam is a Senior Dog Fence Technician and Dog Fence Trainer. He has successfully contained dogs of all types. From small to large, shy to stubborn, Adam has the experience and technical background to help you successfully contain your beloved pets.

Sadie Hatela

Product Research & Development

Sadie was born in 2009 and is a purebred Shih-Tzu. She has no clue she is a dog. She acts like she owns the place and runs the house. She keeps Adam's children in line everyday. In 2013, Sadie was stung by a swarm of hornets resulting in her needing a blood transfusion. She was hospitalized for a week. Adam is shown laying with her the day she came home from the hospital, in the photo below. She pulled through and today she is doing well. Every product Adam sells has been thoroughly tested and approved by Sadie. Adam will not sell anyone a product or service that he would not allow Sadie to use.  

Chris Allison

"Underground fencing is an investment that is well worth the money but it is only as good as the person who stands behind it."