Richard Peck was the original creator of the Invisible Dog Fence. Mr. Peck was a traveling salesman, who in 1973, noticed a lot of folks struggling to keep their pets safely contained in the yard. New housing developments restricted these homeowners from constructing physical privacy fences, so Mr. Peck had an idea.

Richard Peck teamed up with an electronic engineer and developed the first patented Invisible Dog Fence® and named it "Stay-Put."

The patent consisted of a transmitter that produced a radio signal through a buried wire and a receiver collar worn by the dog that would respond to the radio signal. When the collar picked up the radio signal that was produced through the buried wire, the collar would react by delivering a static irritant. The concept was that this static irritant would teach the dog to avoid the boundary wire, resulting in successful containment.

Mr. Peck was a fellow dog lover and although he was excited about this new product, he was concerned about the effects of delivering this static irritant to dogs. He did his due diligence and teamed up with the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine to research the short and long term effects on a dog using this type of fence. The study reveled that there were no negative health concerns (both short and long term) for a dog using the Invisible Fence®.

Once he received this clarification, he began selling these dog fences by mail order and catalogs. Mr. Peck retired and sold his patent rights in 1976 to John Purtell, which was the beginning of the Invisible Fence Brand® we know today. After 1993 Peck's original patent expired and several new dog fence companies came to market. Such as, Dog Watch®, Pet Stop®, Dog Gaurd® and Outdoor Pet Solutions® to name a few. 

We have used all of these various brands through our professional installation company. We have become experts in working with these products and training dogs how to properly interact with these products.

In the following article we will explain how an Underground Dog Fence System works.

History of Invisible Fencing

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