OPS1000 Pro Series Dog Fence

Outdoor Pet Solutions is your authorized dealer

We are Nashville's authorized dealer for the largest pet fence manufactures in the world since 1991. As an authorized dealer, we sell products backed by the full warranty and manufacture's support. Our systems are design to cater to dogs of all types. Including small, large and even stubborn breeds. Hearing impaired pets, hunting dogs and many more! This flexibility allows us to provide the best fence system for your unique dog fencing needs.

We proudly install TOP GRADE PREMIUM HD WIRE!

Made to last a lifetime! We only install the highest grade copper wire with an extra thick protective jacket (14g/.45mil) that is UL listed and made specifically for electronic dog fences by the leading wire company in the USA.

All systems are LIGHTNING PROTECTED at no extra charge!

No matter if its lightning striking in your yard or a surge in your power service, your fence system is completely protected!

Now offering the latest in dog fencing technology

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Dog Fence

*Military Grade Rechargeable Collar

Your OPS1000 offers the industry's toughest collar. Built using military grade components including a polycarbonate protective shell and a nylon-free collar strap with all metal locking clasp. This collar uses the latest Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries. This allows you to recharge your collar in under 2 hours and the charge will last up to 3 months before needing to be recharged! All without having to purchase new batteries. Furthermore, this industry leading collar offers complete water proof seals. This means the collar can be submerged in water to a depth of 500 feet! So, your dog is free to scuba dive as often as they wish!

*Advanced Programing offering 30 customizable levels
The OPS1000 offers the most customizable programming of any other fence system. With 30 levels of correction and 3 dog size options, the OPS1000 can be fine-tuned to the perfect settings for your dog.

*Integrated Battery Back-Up
Did the power go out? Don’t worry! Your OPS1000 comes complete with built-in power back-up. Your dog fence will continue to operate as normal, even during a power outage while all other fence systems fail.

*HD Lightning Protection
Your new fence system comes installed properly using an external surge protector that will protect your transmitter from surges and lightning strikes.

*Proprietary Blunt Stimulation
Other dog fence systems use sharp stimulation to train your dog. Our exclusive OPS1000 Pro Dog Fence uses a proprietary Blunt Stimulus. What does that mean? Have you ever been to the chiropractor and had a muscle stimulation treatment? That treatment is not a “sharp” sensation. Instead, it simply contracts your muscles. That’s exactly how our OPS1000 works. After years of development and paired with our Gentle Approach Training Program this is the most effective invisible fence training available.

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