Gentle Approach Training Program

Included with your new Dog Fence, is the complete Gentle Approach Training Program. Adam with Outdoor Pet Solutions, wants your dog to begin enjoying the freedom to run and play as soon as possible. Adam developed the Gentle Approach™ Training Program to ensure your pup fully understands their new boundaries.

Electronic pet containment is 10% equipment and 90% training. A fence system alone is simply a device used to assist you in teaching your dog their new boundaries. Without the training, the fence system is useless. Further more, without the CORRECT training, the fence system could add stress and confusion for your pet, leading to an unhappy association with your yard. The whole purpose of installing a fence system, is to provide happiness and well being for your dog.

Our Gentle Approach Training Program applies a different strategy to the traditional training process that is commonly used by other dog fence companies. Our exclusive training program relies heavily on positive reinforcement and less on the static correction. This approach allows your dog to learn at a pace that is right for them in a low stress environment. This low stress pace will ensure your dogs happiness allowing them to fully understand and respect their new boundary, resulting in successful containment.

Maria Bachman

"Anyone who is considering an underground pet containment system (invisible fence) will be very satisfied with Adam's professionalism and incomparable dedication to customer service."

Happier pets, greater peace of mind.

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FREE onsite training included with every new dog fence installation.

Immediately after installing your new dog fence system, we provide you with our Gentle Approach training program within a written step-by-step guide, progress calendar and an onsite training session, where we will work with your dog one-on-one! Adam doesn't want to simply sell you a dog fence system, he wants to provide you with a complete, worry free fencing solution.

After a decade of working with various dog breeds, with a wide range of temperaments, Adam has developed a systematic program with specific rules, tips and training exercises to ensure your dog understands their new boundaries while maintaining a fun, enjoyable experience. After a short 7 to 10 day training period, followed by 3 weeks of observation, your dog will begin enjoying their new found freedom, while safe and secured. The Gentle Approach Training Program has proven successful, and is designed to contain every breed of dog. Adam feels this track record is credited entirely to the low stress, gentle approach. Other dog fence companies have been know to shorten or accelerate the training process by using scare tactics, so that they can quickly move on to the next installation. Adam disagrees greatly with these tactics and is determined to change the way dog fence training is conducted.