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"I can’t say enough good things about Outdoor Pet Solutions. Working with Adam was nothing short of an amazing experience. If you’re needing an invisible fence solution or any of his services - look no further! I found him online just by searching, saw he had good reviews and I decided to send him an inquiry via his website late one night. He called me by 8:30am the next morning (was ultra responsive) and spent 45 minutes listening to my needs and consulting with me. He had a ton of options, different brands, talking about the pro’s and con’s of each and wasn’t really trying to sell me on anything, more just educating me. Then left the decision up to me, not biased or pushy at all. After a few more conversations I decided to move forward with him. He was able to give me a quote very easily and was very reasonable. He came out and installed my system that took about half a day and then spent the next 2 hours taking us through his “training” program for and with our dog. It was crazy how detailed, how professional, and how knowledgeable he is. He’s been doing this for forever and it shows. He is not about selling you a system and walking away, but he’s a dog trainer and helped train our dog hands on with the system. I’m in sales myself and I was just blown away at the level of service this guy provides. You can tell he is passionate and cares, and I got far more than I paid for. I hope to be working with Outdoor Pet Solutions in the years to come!!"

Walt Malone

Nolensville, TN

"Great experience today getting our electric fence! Super sweet and caring. Works hard & fast , gets the job done RIGHT! Takes you step by step with training the animals. Comes with a complete packet & DVD. VERY affordable! Thank you thank you :) 5 STARS"

Alexandria Bozeman

Hendersonville, TN

"Thanks Adam for installing our fence around my farm. Very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend."

Brian Baker

Gallatin, TN

"I first used Adam to install my dog door when I moved to my current house, 5 years ago. After 5 years of happy, sometimes muddy, pups using that door, it had seen better days. I contacted Adam again hoping he could work some magic on the door, and that's exactly what he did. The door is good as new now, and despite having to order materials, it was still done within a few days of my request. It looks great and if you're looking for a good dog door, you can't go wrong if you call Adam!"

Connie Scoggins

Gallatin, TN

"Thank you Adam for the quick response! I would recommend Outdoor Pet Solutions to anyone!

Michelle Cook

Gallatin, TN

"What an amazing experience! Worked with us to train our puppy and made a follow up call to see how it was going!!! I would recommend to anyone looking at an electronic fence system."

Carol Eckhart

Spring Hill, TN

"We were so lucky to find Adam and Outdoor Pet Solutions. He is responsive, reasonably priced and professional. He trained me to train our large dog and worked with her himself for the first session. Great service! It is obvious he cares about the people and pets he serves."

Elisa M.
Gallatin, TN

“It is with absolute confidence that I would refer Adam to anyone who needs an underground fence solution for their pet. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and thorough about the whole process and takes whatever time is needed to explain every detail so that the pet owner is fully equipped to follow through with all training lessons. He has developed a written protocol that is seemingly flawless to ensure you and your pet are successful with the underground fence training. He then follows up in a timely and incremental fashion to be sure training is progressing as designed and expected. He understands and exhibits old fashion customer service. If you are looking for someone to install an underground fence whom you can trust, you don’t need to look any further. Call Adam and he will take care of everything from that point very satisfactorily and with great integrity.”

Mike Gann

Nashville, TN

"Adam's commitment to service, kindness, and trustworthiness made our experience amazing. He was flexible when asked, and he fully explained all the details of the training program to set us up for success with our pup. I would recommend anyone looking for outdoor pet services contact him!"

Alan Terwey

Old Hickory, TN 37138

"Adam @ Outdoor Pet Solutions was great to work with. His training program is easy to implement and the customer support/follow up has been terrific. We've been pleased with the results and highly recommend Adam."

Damon E.

Gallatin, TN 37066

"Adam was amazing and made this process a lot less stressful for my family and I. We are so glad we decided to go forward with his services. My dogs are so happy to be able to roam my yard freely!!"

Katherine Trauger

Nashville, TN 37215

"Thanks Adam! Great job and best price for our underground fence! Very professional, easy to work with and responds quickly! We will be using Adam again for our new home."

Andrea M.

Gallatin, TN 37066

"He was punctual, professional, helpful, and patient. Adam provided exceptional service at an affordable price. He is the best at what he does. He trained the dogs, followed up with a phone call to make sure things were going well, which they are, and helped us sell our old system! We needed a new collar for one of our dogs. We were not satisfied with the provider we had. They were not responsive and their price was very high...... We called him, he came right away, we got new collars, new system and training for the new collars."

Randy Fletcher
Springfield, TN 37172

“Great!!! Adam was on time and done in a timely matter. He was very thorough in explaining everything and teaching us how to train our dog!!”

Brittany Allen 
Greenbrier, TN 37073

“I would definitely hire Adam again, without question. We were given a written quote and there were no surprises when he came back and installed everything. We were pleased with the quality of the supplies and equipment and he also showed great care for our property.
He had genuine concern and kindness for our dog as well. He took his time to earn her trust before he took her around the perimeter to show her the new boundaries. He made sure that the collar fit correctly and that it was comfortable for her. Underground fencing is an investment that is well worth the money but it is only as good as the person who stands behind it. Adam and his company Outdoor Pet Solutions has more than fulfilled our expectations, he went above and beyond. We are pleased to give him our highest recommendation.”

Chris Allison
Goodlettsville, TN 37072

“Adam was professional, kind and thorough. After he installed the fence he went over each step very carefully. He walked all three of our dogs around the perimeter to train me how to train the dogs. He left extensive information about training the dogs to understand the underground fence. I would highly recommend him.”

Jeremy Spillman
Franklin, TN 37069

“Adam was awesome! He was there on time, made short work of installing the underground fence and setting up the collars. He was thorough in explaining the how's and whys of setting the collars and training the dogs, first by doing it himself with the first dog and then guiding me through the process with the second. No more dog escapes! Nothing but good things to say about this experience.”

Brian Perry
Nashville, TN 37203

“Adam came out right on time. Installed the fence and went over all the details with me. He also showed me how to train my dog to get used to the fence. Adam was very personable and professional. He did not leave a mess anywhere. I would recommend Outdoor Pet Solutions to anyone.”

Jolie Hayes
Madison, TN 37115

“I recommend Outdoor Pet Solutions highly. Anyone who is considering an underground pet containment system (invisible fence) will be very satisfied with Adam's professionalism and incomparable dedication to customer service.”

Maria Bachman
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

“Excellent in every area! Great communication, great service and great follow-up.”

Jeff Walker
Gallatin, TN 37066

“This is a second, follow-up review for Adam. If the quality of his work and exceptional customer service up front aren't reason enough to use Outdoor Pet Solutions for your underground fencing needs, his willingness to work with you even a year removed from the initial install should be MORE than enough! We discovered about a week ago that our dog's receiver collar was no longer working as it should (apparently, this happens in rare cases). Adam gave us step-by-step directions for how to go about securing a warranty replacement collar, and followed up with us at each of those steps. We received the replacement collar yesterday, and Adam responded right away to a call this morning (it's Saturday) when I needed some clarification. Can't say I know of many service providers that are willing to go above-and-beyond after the initial transaction to the extent Adam has. Kudos to him!”

Peter Lienert

Nashville, TN

“If someone is looking for an underground electric dog fence system to be installed, I highly recommend Outdoor Pet Solutions for their phenomenal customer service. About a year ago to date, we had an underground fence installed by the company at our residence. The installation went smoothly and the system is still working properly to date, but what impressed me was the follow-up and attention to detail during and after the installation. For example, at my request, Adam installed two ?dog notice? signs at our residence to communicate to folks that our dog is,in fact, ?contained? rather than being mistakenly understood as ?loose?. This was especially important to us as we live in a highly active neighborhood with an abundance of dogs, kids, runners,bikers, etc. The last thing we wanted was a complaint from the HOA about our dog. So, the signs were very helpful in that sense. The instruction that Adam provided for training our dog was on-point, and it really didnt take long until the dog was completely trained. After the installation and training, Adam followed up with us at least a couple of times to check to see how our dog was adapting to his new fence. Good customer service like this is rarity these days. Just recently (yesterday), Adam came out for a service call, but not due to the system malfunctioning or anything like that. Instead, he just relocated the transformer unit in the garage due to a conflict with an outside renovation currently taking place. Adam relocated the transformer and drilled a new connection point through the wall with ease,making sure not to cause any splintering or knock out of brick or block on the walls. The installation was again,smooth, and the wires were professionally secured to both interior and exterior walls. You can really tell that Adam takes pride in his workmanship, which is something I highly desire when working with any contractor.”

Kevin Crumley
Nashville, TN 37211

“Invaluable as a contractor with services entailing through training processes and proper usage of electronic collar etc. After a couple of training sessions puppy was most happy to play in yard with minor supervision. After two-three weeks he just went out unsupervised and its great not to have to worry about him. Adam was very generous with his time during training, helped immensely with instruction both me and my wife on use and care of electronic components and we are very happy with his professionalism and caring posture toward our pup. I will use him again as we are seriously considering a pet door installation. Thanks Adam!”

Barbara & Stephen Abernathy
Brentwood, TN 37027

“The owner, Adam came out as scheduled to give us an estimate and explained in detail the service he offered. We had the underground fence installed the following week. Adam arrived on time and was very professional throughout the installation. After installing he reviewed the instrutions with me throughly and answered any questions I had with the process. When training the dogs he was very patient, effective, and kind to the animals . Adam was very sincere in wanting the customer and animals to be successful in using the fence. I have followed the instuctions and it has been an easy process for the dogs to adjust to. I would highly recommend this company.”

Maria Branch
Hendersonville, TN 37075

“Very Professional. Installed in less than hour. No mess. Looks great. I would highly recommend Adam!”

Melissa Daniels
Ashland City, TN 37015

“My wife and I had an Awesome experience, start to finish, working with Adam! He promptly returned my wife's phone call with an initial estimate, and offered a detailed explanation of how the product actually worked. We were able to schedule an installation within one week of receiving an estimate. On the day of the installation, Adam arrived on time and the install was completed quickly, yet with a high level of attention to detail. Adam took the time to explain to us everything we would need to know about the equipment and the training program, and then took 15 minutes to actually walk through Lesson One of the training program with our dachshund puppy. I highly recommend Adam for anyone considering an invisible fence! “

Peter Lienert
Franklin, TN 37067

“From the first contact until after the service was completed and was incredibly impressed with Adam and the services he provided. We were able to schedule the consultation within a day of the first contact and he arrived right on schedule. He took his time explaining my options and was up front and honest about the location I had originally chosen which would definitely make the installation more challenging. Regardless of what I chose he explained that the installation fee would not change no matter how long it took and he wanted me to be happy. He called exactly when he said he would and kept me up to date on the status of my order. It arrived early so he made arrangements to fit me into his schedule so I would not have to wait. On the day of installation he again was right on time and was meticulous in how he did his work. The area where he worked cutting through the drywall and brick was spotless and he even used a leaf blower to clean off the back deck to make sure it was clean. He helped with the initial training and gave me tips on how to continue to encourage the boys to use their new door. I even got an email from him the next day checking in to see how things were going. He referred to my dogs by their names which was an unexpected but incredibly personal touch. It is clear in everything he does that Adam cares about his customers...both human and canine! I would highly highly recommend him!”

Ariana LeBlanc
Murfreesboro, TN 37128

“Things went very well.

Adam is very personable and professional. I like a no hassle transaction and that is exact what I got. Adam was able to give me information upfront and complete all work within one week, which is great when it comes to the safety of a family member. I am an avid Angie's list user and appreciate all the A reviews left by other patrons and I echo all their kind words.
I highly recommend Adam, to protect your 4 legged family members.”

Laurel Jamieson
Nashville, TN 37221

“Within 1 day of request, came out to provide overview of company with references, and workflow. Once the decision was made to go with his company he met with my wife and everything went according to plan. He was punctual, patient, professional, and kind. He took the necessary time with my family to learn the new system and provided the proper follow-up. Whenever I had any questions, I could always reach him by his personal phone and he was eager to provide solutions to any problems that we were having, and showed genuine concern for our pet. His company is a solid reminder as to why when I choose to do business, I seek out local professionals first, and the small businessman who has the time to make each contact a unique one. I was very pleased as to the competitiveness of his pricing and the promised service

Christopher Holloway

“He is truly concerned for the well-being of animals, and is logical about his training process & equipment. He wants every owner and animal to succeed, keeps in touch post-installation, and is always available - Amazing guy and a company that I'm sure will continue to grow.
He also was the clear winner among two other competitors.”

Mayur Patel
Brentwood, TN 37027

“We were very impressed with every aspect of our experience with Adam of Outdoor Pet Solutions, from our initial contact to the installation and training. The cost of the work we had done was actually less expensive than other companies we checked out, and we liked the Outdoor Pet Solutions product better. I also know that down the road, if I have concerns or questions, he will be attentive and responsive. Adam was very gentle and loving toward our 4 1/2 month old puppy in introducing her to how the underground fence works, and he also made me feel confident that I could continue on with the training process. My husband and I would highly recommend Adam and Outdoor Pet Solutions.”

Judith Maguire
Nashville, TN 37209

“Adam is very professional. His work is very neat. Always there when he says he will be. We didn't have the dog the day he cam to install so he came back to help us train her. Spent a lot of time with us and the dog. He is easy to talk with. An "A" is not a high enough rating to say how much we like Adam and his work.”

Mike Monohan
Mount Juliet, TN 37122

“I could not be happier with Adam's responsiveness, professionalism, and final work. He took time to understand what we wanted to happen for the containment system. He was exactly on time to perform the evaluation. Kept me informed of the status of the underground utilities marking. Showed up on time the day of the installation and performed the work exactly to my directions. I thought his price was very reasonable. Overall, my highest rating!!!”

Ron Shafer
Franklin, TN 37067

“Adam did a great job of communicating what would be best for our dog Sebastian. He provided excellent training tutorials; video, manual, and on-site demonstration. He was on time and completed the job without disturbing the landscaping. Also, pricing was very good compared to his competitors and his system is nearly identical because it is made by the same distributor. But, with his system you do not need a "battery plan", he offers rechargeable collar batteries. I would highly recommend Adam and Outdoor Pet Solutions.”

Ann Emery
Franklin, TN 37067

“We called and he came out fairly quickly. He gave an estimate, discussed how he would install the system, discussed how we should train the dogs for maximum effectiveness, and seemed to genuinely care about selling us the right thing for our dogs and our yard. He installed the system and began the training that day. He checked back with us a few days later. When one of the dogs had a problem, we called and he immediately came out and spend quite a bit of time further training the dog. He went over and beyond, in my estimation. He has called a couple of more times since just to check and see if the additional training worked. It has. I definitely recommend him and his company.”

Randy Fletcher
Springfield, TN 37172

“Great experience. He was helpful and nice and professional. He did the whole job in one day and was very insightful on his reccomendation about do's and don'ts for our yard. Excellent service. I would highly reccomend his service. Adam walked the property and put in the systems. He made different reccomendations as we went along. Adam also trained us on how to train our dog to understand the fence and how it works.”

Franklin, TN 37067

“One of the best customer service experiences I've had. OUTSTANDING WORK! I WOULD USE HIS SERVICES AGAIN, AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE CONSIDERING AN UNDERGROUND FENCE SYSTEM. Adam installed an underground pet fence around our yard. One of our two large (60-pound) mix dogs was climbing over our already installed fence. We checked with several other service providers, and Adam's pricing is EXTREMELY competitive. Unlike some of the other fencing providers, Adam is not a fast-talking salesman. He told us exactly what to expect in clear terms and what the cost would be. There is training involved, and Adam walked us (and our pooches) through it every step of the way. There was (we thought) an issue with one dog collar. As it turns out, our dog's hair is very thick, and he just needed a trim. Adam volunteered to come over and trim our boy's hair and everything is perfect. Adam also called periodically to make sure the system and the training was going well. OUTSTANDING WORK. I WOULD USE HIS SERVICES AGAIN, AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE CONSIDERING AN UNDERGROUND FENCE SYSTEM.”

Lisa Latham
Nashville, TN 37212

“Adam installed an underground fence for my newly adopted 25 lb dachshund mix. He answered all my questions and was professional and courteous. He started the training with Penny the day he installed the fence. He came back a few days later to see how it was going and, seeing how reluctant I was to let her cross the fence line, did another training session right then and there. Penny ran through the fence only 2 times after that. Now she won't go near it. At all. The underground fencing definitely worked for us. I couldn't be happier with Adam and his crew and I would definitely use them again. Adam installed an underground fence on my property. He also started training my dog on the fence and made sure I understood how the system worked and how to proceed with training.”

Katherine Maxwell
Brentwood, TN 37027

“We needed an invisible fence for our golden doodle around our 1.3 acre lot. He was professional, on time, and installed it as if it was his home. Little things like double covering and sealing the wire, and buried the core wire extra deep near weeding areas like edge of driveways. I am an electrical engineer by training and I find that he knows this system very well. He took the time to explain every question we had. I highly recommend him. Professional, punctual, clean work, fair price. Delivered what promised on estimate. We needed an invisible fence for our golden doodle around our 1.3 acre lot. He was professional, on time, and installed it as if it was his home. Little things like double covering and sealing the wire, and buried the core wire extra deep near weeding areas like edge of driveways. I am an electrical engineer by training and I find that he knows this system very well. He took the time to explain every question we had. I highly recommend him. Professional, punctual, clean work, fair price. Good luck”

Osman Raad
Brentwood, TN 37027

“We had a couple of options of putting in a new door, but the one we chose was pretty expensive, so, we chose not to get it done at this time. Our experience was good. He was fine. He responded well whenever we called. If we left a message, he would call back. We would recommend him.”

Rob Graebe
Springfield, TN 37172

“Overall all went very well. Had a need for a large dog kennel on shot notice. He came on a Saturday to complete the work so I could bring the dogs home.”

Sue Murphy
Hermitage, TN 37076

“We contacted Adam and he came over to walk the property and give us his recommendation and estimate. We agreed to the service and Andy took care of the rest. He contacted the appropriate folks to come identify the underground utilities before any digging began and stayed in touch with us to verify when this had been completed. His supplier was unable to get the equipment to Andy on time for our scheduled installation, but as soon as he found this out, he called to push the installation a couple of days to the weekend. He arrived on time for the new installation time and began the installation. We have a rather elaborate irrigation system and we cycled each zone to verify the location of the sprinkler heads so as not to hit them during the installation. Upon completion of the install, he spent time showing us how the system worked. He found a slight manufacturer's defect with the collar that I think most people would have 'forced' to work. Andy, instead, opened another collar and pointed out why he was changing the collar. He gave us the instructional DVD and went through what we would see on the video. We followed the steps that Andy and the video outlined and it went well. At one point, we had a concern about our dog's behavior and we left a message for Andy. He called us back right away and assured us that what we were seeing was normal. We have now removed all of the flags and our dog has free run of the yard and hasn't even attempted to flee. We are very pleased with the results and would highly recommend this system and this company for the installation.Our pet is a long-haired, retriever mix that we need to stay on our property. We live along a golf course fairway with lots of distractions for our dog and a 'traditional' fence was ruled out as an option. We had an underground pet fencing system installed on a 1/2 acre lot that encompassed most of the yard and crossed a wide, concrete driveway in one location. The property also contains an 11-zone sprinkler system that had to be avoided during the installation.”

Rob Graebe
Springfield, TN 37172

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